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Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaning 

We have repeatedly been asked for a product which would make cleaning carburetors an easier task! Bikes from countries such as the USA and Japan, where petrol quality is poor, suffer very badly from build up of petrol deposits which are extremely time consuming to remove. In response to these requests, we have introduced a new Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaner as part of our service.

Using an ultrasonic cleaner will allow non profitable hours spent scrubbing gummed up float bowls and jets etc., to be utilised performing more productive tasks. Ultrasonic cleaning works by a process known as cavitation where high frequency sound waves cause microscopic bubbles to form which then violently collapse releasing energy many times greater than that of mechanical brushing.

This process will not damage or scratch the surface being cleaned and will effectively remove petrol deposits from float needles, pilot jets etc, with no physical scrubbing required.

Another distinct advantage of cleaning with ultrasonics is the speed of operation - often just one hour is adequate, depending on the amount of build up. Because of the ultrasonic agitation, 'greener' non-aggressive, non-toxic cleaning agents can be used, and the amount of chemical required is lower than with conventional parts washing.

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