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We Are Now An Official dguard Dealer

All2Wheelers is now an official dguard dealer.

dguard® | Your life. Your bike.

dguard® protects both you and your bike. In an accident you automatically get connected with the emergency call center.

If you are not conscious anymore, dguard® reacts promptly and automatically calls for help.

If your motorcycle will be moved unauthorized, your dguard® app warns you. You are easily able to intervene, if someone is tampering with your vehicle.

Emergency Call (eCall) System

The dguard® system is able to identify the site of an accident. This is ensured by dguard® sensor technology in the bike which analyses various data like inclination, acceleration and the detection if the bike is moving.

Automatic notification of an emergency call centre

These components are needed for the intelligent emergency call (eCall):

  • the dguard® eCall module, including the communication unit
  • the dguard® sensor
  • the GPS antenna
  • the dguard® eCall button, which is installed on the handlebar. This is not needed for detecting an accident automatically but rather serves as manual trigger button e.g. if something happens in front of you

Anti-theft Warning

dguard® not only cares about you. The little helper benefits your bike, too. If it is moved without your presence, you will get a message on your smartphone. Your App will send you an alert when your bike is moving. The dguard® theft warning notifies you about the GPS data of your bike, so you can react promptly.

dguard® App for your smartphone or tablet

You can easily configure your dguard® system with the dguard® App. It is available for iOs and android. If you want to see that your system is working correctly, just check it in your app.