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    GT-SS 250

GT-SS 250 | FROM £4,250.00*

So, what were we thinking?

The idea is simple, take one of our heavy hitting industrial strength Mutts and send him to a gentleman's class to learn a little about courteous conduct and give him the tools required for longer road use. The first step is a bigger tank. For sure our regular tank is plenty big enough, but the GT-SS boasts a whopping 17 litre tank specifically designed for this bike and the Mutt Mastiff. As with all our bikes we wanted to retain the classic Brit bike lines, and this is no exception. We spent a lot of time making sure the new bigger tank blended in with the classic line of a Mutt. Topped off with a beautiful chrome Monza style cap the new bigger tank not only looks just peachy but it also means you won't have to stop for gas for a long, long ride.

Rubber side down

The GT-SS is designed with longer, smoother rides in mind so we chose a classic yet road friendly tyre that wrapped around a chrome 18" wheel which helps this little thumper effortlessly handle the road ahead. Continuing the retro British style, we opted for chrome wheels, satin finished aluminium mudguards, chrome headlight, polished speedometer, and satin finished LED indicators. To steer you in the right direction we went for a set of our satin grey custom bars... because we do love a little custom stuff here at Mutt.

*Registration fee's and extra charges may apply, please contact us about this model for more information.

GT-SS 250 Specification

Weight 130kg
Seat Height 780mm
Engine Type fuel injected 4-stroke single cylinder
Displacement 250cc
Max Power 21hp
Max Torque 18Nm
Fuel Tank 15L
Top Speed 80mph
Warranty 2 years
Transmission 5 speed manual